Light Pollution

by Mitch L. Ryan

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Recorded on a (not quite dumpster) pocketstudio.
Recorded October-December 2013.
Produced/'Engineered'/Mixed by Mitchell Ryan.
Mastered by Tascam Pocketstudio presets.
Tracks 2 & 4 named by Jacob Dawson-Daley.


released December 11, 2013

Mitchell Ryan - Guitar, Vocals, Baritone Guitar, Chair Creaks, Coughs
Jarrod Ryan - Chatter
Inner-West Sydney Flight Path - Diegetic Sound



all rights reserved


Mitch L. Ryan Sydney, Australia

Sydney Stain

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Track Name: Thru Paris
I'll follow you through the backyards
With the familiar smell of dog piss and rotting brick
Through Degas' coffee shops
That line the streets and alleyways

But we never made it that far
Did we bright star
Promise to send me a postcard from Paris, France?
If you ever make it there someday

In the sad solemn twilight march
You told me the best thing you ever saw
Was written on the wall of an inner-city bathroom stall
And it said
'After three long years I still haven't seen any flowers'
Track Name: Northern Waters
I grow old
But I'll sleep it off
As my hair grows thin
All that you left me with
Was a tear stained jacket sleeve
And the scraps of excuses you left behind

The northern waters
They beckon me
With my family curse
As they glow with the concourse lights
And the ferry wake, you walk away I towards

Your glass bones
Were thrown out with
All my everlasting premonitions
In my stupor I thought
My chest had caved
With all your words

I saw him and he said to me
"Son, the sea won't save you now"
Track Name: Ghosts
Join the ghosts of my past
The blood red tea how it stains your clothes
Immortalised on the concrete streets
Picking out holes in eachother's favourite films

Join the ghosts of my past
I swore in my prayers and I just couldn't sleep
For the demons that haunted my dreams
And my withered bones how they ached

See how the rain it falls in the city streets
And the memories fade into the grey static of my mind
Track Name: Another Song About Water
When she said "Don't wait for me when I go
You won't be the same man by the time that I get home"
So turn the T.V. on and pour another drink
And watch the night news without having to think

Because time it's so easy now to waste
I think I might just head on back home today
If all I am now is a shadow of my former selves
She said "Don't look back, you'll forget how to wait"

So I'll waste all my days and all my ways
Worrying about all the times that I didn't write
And as the light fell from the motel room to the swimming pool I knew
That I was almost done
Track Name: Light Pollution
Fear and pain have vanished into thin air
But the wine dark seas and the heavy ochre skies
They're still there

Paint on paint and limb on limb
I felt your chlorine skin and I knew
Paint on paint and limb on limb
I felt your chlorine skin and I
Paint on paint and limb on limb
I felt your chlorine skin and I climbed through
Track Name: Sydney Stain #2
From the Boulevard Hotel I walk down
From neon signs to city lights
On pavement cracked by feet and cars and trees before me

And I think to myself that maybe I haven't been here very long

The markets lay low by the harbour
Lit up by the bridge, washed out by a mist
From air conditioners left on to keep seafood fresh

And I think to myself that maybe I haven't been here very long
And I know in myself that we haven't been here very long

I pour my wine out in the canal across from the bridge
In the hope that someday it will become a tide
And that tide will someday reach you and it'll stay by my side

And I think to myself that maybe I don't have a right to be here anymore
And I don't know in myself when it'll be time to leave here
But I'm already gone